zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

11-11-2012 Japan vlog 24 : Narita , going back to The Netherlands

The last Match latte in Japan

Ready to fly!

Bought some stuff

How I sleep

Back home.. unpacking

10-11-2012 Vlog 23 : Harajuku

Purikura with friends

Harajuku was very busy!

Dinner with friends

Purikura with friend

We saw people we knew on the street


Gift I gave to my friend Junne

I knew her from Twitter

Bus is comming

9-11-2012 Vlog 22 : Shinjuku and Shibuya

Shop tour of Grimoire

I love Purikura pictures!

Hennie with friend Panta

Me with friends!

More friends!

beauty products

My outfit

Disco lamp at restaurant

Gift that I got

8-11-2012 Vlog 21: Harajuku

7-11-2012 Vlog 20 : Shibuya

6-11-2012 Vlog 19: Shinjuku and Ikebukuro

hot coffee

Japanese cotton make-up pads

5-11-2012 Vlog 18 : Sky tree and Odaiba

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