maandag 9 januari 2006

Gothic lolita Japan trip 2006 - when there were no tourists

To end the 2005 / 2006 Japan trip here is a collection of the vlogs that I have made during the trip.
It was an amazing trip in a gothic lolita wonderland!
We got to film for a huge Dutch TV program and this broadcast is also on Youtube.
We filmed in Harajuku , bought fukubukuro , ate the most amazing food , saw so many new things
and met new people. Especially the visit to the Metamorphose staff was very special.

View the full playlist over here on Youtube :

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zondag 8 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 13 - Osaka Den den town 8-01-2006

The last day in Japan.

Today we've spend the day with The Osaka Koneko"  and her boyfriend.
They showed us around in Den-Den-town, this time we did not get lost.
I bought two Chobits figures (Chii & Yuzuki) they were very hard to find 
since Chobits is kind of old and not popular any more, but I still love the little figures! 
We also went to a store were they had the dolls omg! So expensive.
We also visited some Gothic Lolita shops,
I bought some Angelic Pretty sock that match my Putumayo outfit!

We went eating at a noodle place, it was very good.
And of course for desert we went to Starbucks, I had a Marshmallow mokka.
After this we went back to the station and said goodbye.

In the hotel my boyfriend packed his suitcase and also mine,
since I am terrible putting things good in it.
He had a hard time closing my suitcase, I've bought too much stuff.

Yesterday I forgot to say that I bought from my friend a Moi-meme-moitie pannier,
very very poofy!

Random cute video I found on Youtube because there are no pictures in this post.

Next up is our 2007 trip.

zaterdag 7 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 12 - Osaka Kobe Yukata 7-01-2006

Today I went visiting a friend.
We took the wrong train on our way to her,
but luckily we had written down our destination
so people could help us find the right train.

My friend lives in Kobe.

I won't write much about it, because of privacy.
I had a wonderful day! And I got a lovely Yukata.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

vrijdag 6 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 11 Osaka Den den town Metamorphose lolita 6-01-2006

Today I had the business meeting with Metamorphose.

I first looked around in the shop, a very small but cute shop.
I asked the girl in the shop if she could call to the office and tell Aya that I am in the shop,
she did that and Aya picked me up in the shop.
At the office I had a meeting with the owner and the designer of Meta, Aya translated everything.
I think this meeting was a very good thing,
because now the owner really knows everything about our shop
and probably he's going to make sure that I stay the only shop that carry Meta in Holland.
I gave them some gifts, after that the owner had to leave.
It was okay to film today in the shop for the TV show,
and also to interview the designer,
I wrote all the questions down in English and Aya translated it into Japanese.
I e-mailed my boyfriend that he had to come to the Starbucks
nearby where Aya and I would pick him up, so later he can film.
We did the interview and after that we went to the Meta shop and filmed there.
I saw a long skirt that I really liked, a red one and it was on sale,
I asked Aya if she could send that one with my next order for the shop,
since my suitcase is already too full!
Again we went back to the office where the designer had a surprise for me,
she had a gift, a box full of meta goodies. I am so happy with it.

On the table you can see the bag with the present box, I am already wearing a brought from it.
Picture with also the other staff and Aya and the designer, the girl with the hat looks so cute.

When we were leaving the designer also let me choice out a umbrella from the biscuit series,
I chose the red one.
Hennie wanted to go to Den-Den-Town so we tried to find it,
on our way we passed a 100 yen store where I bought some candy, and a Miffy (Nijntje) hairbrush.

We ate at Wendy's

At the end we didn't find Den-Den-town, so we just took the subway back to the hotel.
We were tired.
Sunday we give it another try, when Hennie looked on the map in the hotel he saw
that we were very near Den-Den-town, well next time we'll find it!!!

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

donderdag 5 januari 2006

First Japan trip: Osaka - Shinsaibashi - Day 10: 5-01-2006

Today I had a business meeting with Victorian Maiden.
Kimika from Victorian Maiden who can speak good English picked me up
at Osaka business park station, funny a English station name.
(At the moment we don't sell this brand any more, because the sizes were too small) 

First we went to the office, there the trade advisor from Osaka joined us,
a very nice man, who spoke a bit English.
We've discussed the business, the main thing is that we now really
can expect the first order around the end of January.
The conversation was very relaxed, it went about almost everything..
After this we went to the shop that was in the same building only a few floors down,
the shop was as little as mine, it was very antique like decorated! I like that a lot!
I could see all the clothings, and I also tried some things on,
I was kind of amazed that I fit in some things.
On the hand of that I order some items.
It was very nice to know the real sizes.
Also I bought a pair of gloves, brown leather ones with rabbit fur, very very soft!
I keep those for my self because it is cold in Japan right now.
I also asked them why they use foreign looking girls in their advertisement.
But they didn't had a real answer to it, mainly it comes to like it is their image.
I think those girls must be very skinny.
But now they saw me and I told I am like average size in Holland,
only I am a bit shorter, they are going to examine if they can make clothing that we would fit .
( in the end they changed nothing in their sizes)
I've spend around the 3 hours there.
After this, I said goodbye to Kimika and the man escorted me back to the station
where my hotel is, he had to go one station further. Such lovely people.
I was back in the hotel around 17.30 where my boyfriend still was,
he had spend the day exploring the neighbourhood and surfing the internet.
Together we went again to Shinsaibashi first to the Sanrio gallery shop,
but I didn't saw something that I really wanted.

Oh my, she is bigger then me.

after that we went back again to the little dining place like yesterday, I took the same.
On the picture it looks kind of weird.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

After this we also went to the Starbucks, I got something with marshmallows and caraml.
When we went to the station we passed a book shop,
there I bought another Gothic lolita bible 19 and also I bought this book:

At Victorian Maiden they had also that book, and after I saw it I really wanted it.

woensdag 4 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 9 - Osaka Shinsaibashi Okonomiyaki - 4-01-2006

Today was the day that we left Tokyo for Osaka.
Yesterday evening we had a hard time packing, I've bought too much.
First we went to the ATM that was open again today.
After that we went with all our luggage to the bus stop and took the bus to Tokyo station.

From Tokyo station we took the Shinkansen train to Shin-Osaka, it took about 3 hours.

I was kind of hungry so we ordered something in the train.
Bento box, I did not like everything.

Mount Fuji.

Snow, I think it was very local.

Finally we arrived at the station in Shin-Osaka,
now I needed to figure out how the ticket machines worked,
they were different then the ones in Tokyo.

Besides our heavy luggage it was very easy to go to the new hotel,
very close to 2 subway entrances.
Our room here is very good!!!! and spacey!

This evening I met up with Jessica and went to Shinsaibashi.
She showed us around in American town where a lot of gothic lolita brands are located.

Baby the stars shine bright store, that was kind of hidden.

After that we went to a place that Jessica recommended I took Okonomiyaki, very good.

Next time when we are in this area we'll eat here again!
It was owned by a men "mister Osaka" and his son, who is the cook.

Sign at the entrance.

After this we went to the Vivienne westwood shop, because I was very curios about it.
But it really was nothing really special,
I only liked some of the jewellery and the rocking horse shoes
But damn why must it be that expensive?
Across it was Starbucks, here we had some nice "coffee" and talked a lot.

Jessica and me

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

dinsdag 3 januari 2006

First japan trip day 8 - Tokyo Harajuku gothic lolita meetup - 3-1-2006

Today is the day of a international Lolita meetup in Harajuku.

This day we filmed some footage for:

Sorry for the evil face.

First we went to the post office to check if it was open,
we kind of ran out of money yesterday and the ATM's were closed that day
and today it still was closed :s Damn now we don't have money..

So if you are in Japan around new year,
keep in mind the first few days every ATM is closed!

We do have a credit card but that is only for emergencies like food.
We went to the station trough a other way then usually we passed something,
I really don't know what it is.

All girls are from the EGL livejournal community.

Group shot

We decided to take a look at Laforet, Closet child and Bodyline.

After this everyone went their own way. It was very nice to meet them all!.

Hennie and I went looking for a place to eat again,
we could only pay with credit card so that was a bit hard,
they only place that accepted credit card was Starbucks.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

maandag 2 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 7 - Tokyo Shinjuku shopping - 2-1-2006

Today it was raining so we kind of changed our plans.
First we just spend some time on the internet.
And then it came to my mind that I totally forgot to visit the Dollfie store in Shinjuku!
So we went to Shinjuku, the Dollfie store was in Studio Alta.
Wow! All kind of pretty dolls!

After this we went again to to Marui one.
There was a shoe shop were I saw very cool shoes! I had to have them! 
(shoes pics follow a bit down)
But all the ATM’s were closed ( !@#$%^*!) So I had no money, 
luckily my boyfriend had a creditcard, so he could pay the shoes for me.

Outside picture, it was very crowded on the streets.

We were hungry so went looking for a place to eat,
we didn't want any noodles so we went to the mc Donalds.
I took a happy meal and got a little pokemon figure.

New shoes.

After finishing the food and eaten a ice cream I put the shoes on and we went back to the station.
We passed a electronics store and went in it.
My boyfriend bought something for his photocamera, 
and I bought phone stickers to decorate my phone.
The result you can see on the bottom.

Also we went to Starbucks.

In the station we saw two cute lolita girls.

Waiting for the train....

At the hostel::
Heart E dress , Angelic Pretty socks and my new shoes!


And here is a picture of the way my mobile phone look now! with a lot of strapps.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

zondag 1 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 6 Tokyo Harajuku luckybags sale - 1-1-2006

Today we went again to Harajuku because I wanted
a lucky bag from Angelic pretty and Putumayo.
Never could I have imagined that it would be such a big deal!
When we arrived at Harajuku all the streets were locked off for the cars,
and everywhere you saw lines with people waiting outside,
with most of them I had no idea for which shop they were waiting.
This was the strangest thing I ever saw!
When we walked further to Laforet there was in a big street next to it also a very long line,
and yes it was for Laforet, the opening time was 11:00 but some were already waiting
for 11 hours :s I would never do that for clothings!

notice my hat on the bottom left.

My boyfriend.


We decided to join the line since I still wanted the lucky bags.
When we joined the line we got some kind of hot bag thingy!
It took about 15 minutes before we could enter the store, I think that was very quick,
everything was coordinated very well by the staff members of Laforet.

It was very crowed in Laforet. We went a few stairs down and reached Angelic Pretty,
everyone was pushing and trying to get trough, when we finally got closer,
the shop girl said the bags were sold out, but when I walked a bit away,
my boyfriend managed to get a bag that came out of nowhere.. YEAH!
It was the second last one! A other boy had the last bag for his girlfriend.

After this I went to Putumayo, at first sight it didn't look very crowded
but when I watched closer the line was some were else, it was in a staircase.
Sso I went to there.. going up.. and up and more up.. Damn.. At the top the line ended.
There was a nice girl who spoke a bit English.
After waiting for about 20 minutes we were picked up and taken to the Putumayo shop,
there we could pick a lucky box and enter the line for the counter,
I also took 2 little accessory bags :)
My boyfriend took a picture while it was not allowed,
a lady from the shop saw it and stopped him, he also filmed a little bit.


Finally it was over, we've been in Laforet for about 1 hour,
we went outside to take a seat and examine the bags.

What was in the bags, you see a bit later down here-->
I wanted to know where exactly the Btssb Daikanyama store
was located so we went to there but unfortunately the shop was closed.

Very nice building!

After this we went back, we passed the Ebisu station where we ate a burger at Wendy's.

Well what was in my lucky bags.
Angelic Pretty a full Black x white outfit.
For Putumayo It was a full red x black outfit.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels
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