donderdag 30 juni 2011

Second Japan trip: Day 5: 10-08-2007

Today we went to Himeji Castle, so pretty.

In castles and old buildings you need to take of your shoes,
that is what I am carrieing in the bag.

At the garden

Yes he is real!



Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

Second Japan trip: Day 3: 8-09-2007

Today we went to the VOLKS doll location in Kyoto, we have spend around 3 hours there!
It was a great experience! Shopping with my doll Shinju.

On the lower floor there was the shop and full choose.
on the ground level there was of course the garden, but also a lounge and café.
on the floors above this there was the museum.

Some pictures of Shinju in the Volks building with her new bought wig.
(I also bought her a new dress, I also wanted shoes and a carrier bag but they were sold out )

In the garden

Here already the pictures of Shinju's new dress. (taken in the hotel room)

After the visit to Volks we went back to the station and next
to it we took some train that went into the mountains.
It was called "love train"

Pictures by Me and Hennie Ummels

woensdag 29 juni 2011

Second Japan trip: Day 2: 7-09-2007

The sad history of the atomic bomb..

the only building they left from that time (one of the few who were still up after the bombing)

picture of a picture of how it looked back then

model reconstruction

Hiroshima castle entrance


Turtles in the water, so cute.

Hiroshima castle


Pictures by Hennie Ummels

dinsdag 28 juni 2011

Second Japan trip: Day 1: 6-09-2007

This is the Second trip to Japan of Hennie and me.

We Just arrived at our Hotel in Osaka.
I had the worst flight ever!
Everything went well until we ate dinner and I got sick from it, I felt horrible!
I got some medicine from the crew and my stomach got a little better.
The whole flight I felt nauseous, I managed to not throw up by a lot of breathing exercises.
When I got out of the plane I got hit by the heath and had to throw up,
luckily I was holding a bag for it.
I felt so embarrassed to just get on the floor in a corner and
throw up while all other people were passing.
Yuck, I hated it! My boyfriend told me some guy put his hand
before his eyes and peeked trough it because he didn't dare to watch.

We got to the hotel with some pauses because I still didn't felt well
and the train and subway was not helping.
No I am at the hotel and still have the feeling of being in the air plane.

This afternoon I'll go shopping in America-Mura and later
on I'll be meeting up with the The Osaka Koneko,
I guess I have to miss out on the yummy okonomiyaki, vegetables for me it is!

There was one good thing about this all.

3 months ago I lost one of my dolls Baby the stars shine bright bow hair clips
and I was very sad about this, somehow today it felt from my other doll,
It almost looked like she somehow had stolen it and hidden it,
I have no idea how this happened,
in the meanwhile I even got a meet-up with this doll and didn't see it.

Also I was glad my boyfriend is with me on this trip, I could not manage without him!
At Innocent World I bought two rings and a see trough umbrella.

(I don't have the umbrella any more because I have forgotten it in the train in The Netherlands)

At some random stores I bought also nice stuff, but I won’t bother you with that.

In the evening we met up for dinner at Mr. Osaka, a great okonomiyaki place 
with The Osaka Koneko and Josephineisevil, it was great!

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