zondag 24 juni 2012

10-11-2011 Shinjuku day

This day we spend with walking around in Shinjuku.
There are so many nice places to visit.
And every time you will discover a new spot.

At the 7eleven I got this jelly drink for free, it is a diet thing.
But it tasted horrible!! artificial grape taste.

For lunch we had some ramen, I love eggs with ramen.

In the evening we came across this alley, it is filled with small food shops,
you only see man visiting the shops, no woman.

Although they seem to have a toilet for woman haha.

Just a nice view around Shinjuku station with the taxi's and buses.

I am sure to miss this drink, the taste is so good!
But it does give me some stomach acid.

And this was my dinner, some curry.
My boyfriend hates it, so he got something else.
So sad, every time I make this at home I have to eat it alone or invite a lot of friends to eat it with me.

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