maandag 2 juli 2012

11-11-2011 Harajuku and Shinjuku

This day I wanted to visit Harajuku again, 
we had lunch at Jonathan`s, this is located on one of the corners of the crossing in Harajuku.
The food was very good! 
It was very cold this day, so I wore my new gloves.

When we were in the train to Harajuku we noticed this Café,
but once we were there it was closed, I guess we have to go there next time we are in Japan.

In the evening my friends took me and my boyfriend out for dinner at Christon cafe
 It is a gothic theme cafe.

This is the menu

 They had a very impressive list of cocktails.
My boyfriend took the Chocolat and I too the Midnight mess,
The chocolat was not very special since it was a small amount of drink,
but the Midnight mess was very tasty.
Also their food was very good!


  The interior


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