donderdag 9 augustus 2012

12-11-2011 Visiting NHK Cool Japan TV studio

This blog is in memory of Tatsuyuki san.

So this blog post is super duper late!
The reason why is, first I already was late and when I wanted to write about this day I found out 
that one of the producers passed away, so I felt too sad to write about the memory of him.
So this part should also be in my fashion blog, so it is posted on both

So I was invited to visit and see the making of a episode of  the 
Japanese TV show Cool Japan that is being broad casted on NHK World.
The reason is because in the past I have made two videos for them, 
so they wanted to meet me in person.
The huge building of NHK is in Shibuya, 
so when we walked to the location we first got some Takoyaki for lunch.

Shibuya girls

Once we got to the entrance of the building my contact person Tatsuyuki 
already was waiting for us and he guided us into the huge building!
It felt like walking into a never ending maze.
Once we arrived in the part that is used for making Cool Japan
he introduced us to the guests who would be in today's episode.

left to right: Kazuhiko, Tatsuyuki and me in the studio

Me and Hennie in the studio

 Of course I wanted a picture together with the two TV hosts of the show.

While I stayed in the studio to watch the episode being made my boyfriend Hennie
went up to the control room.

It was a pleasure to meet everyone and see how they work.

After visiting the studio we went for dinner.


Mine was filled with cheese.

 Shibuya crossing

Pretty moon in Shinjuku

For desert I had dango.

This was our last day in Japan so I will end this blog with some departing pictures of the day after.

Waiting for the bus to arrive.

Hello airplane!

And then to really end this blog 
I want to tell you that I will be going back to Japan in October!!!

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