woensdag 28 december 2005

First Japan trip Day 2 - Tokyo gothic lolita - 28-12-2005

After a night with bad sleep we got up.. get dressed and went looking for breakfast.
There was one big grocery shop but that one was still closed so we went to the famous 7 eleven.
Here we bought some sandwiches and milk and strawberry milk for me, very sweet.
After breakfast it was time to go to my first business meeting of the day.

It was with Heart E, I was a bit late because I got lost on the subway station,
so I called to the office and they called the staff member who should meet me.
It was a very lovely and nice girl! She spoke a bit English!
She brought me to their office and there
I had a warm welcome from the staff members and the owner.
They had arranged a interpreter of me who normally is a school teacher.
They showed me a lot of their collection and we got to a agreement,
from this day one Mfashion will also carry the brand Heart E!
When I get back in Holland I'm going to look what to order,
at this moment I bought already a few things as samples.

Because it was so nice there I kind of forgot the time,
and when I looked on my watch I realized I had to go..

So I called my boyfriend if he would like to come to Nippori subway
so we can travel fast from there to Ueno,
where I had a appointment with my interpreter for my meeting with Baby, the stars shine bright.
Again we lost our way at the station.. we had to go to Hard Rock Cafe,
after asking a lot of people if they could speak English,
we finally found somebody who even walked with us to show where it is.
I had never met Myra before, but she is a very nice lady!
We went with her to Warabi station were the Btssb office is located,
Myra and I went to the office and my boyfriend went exploring the neighbourhood.

Very nice building in the neighbourhood.

Here again there were a lot of lovely people,
even the president and director/designer where very kind.
Also I finaly met the girl who replies most of the English emails.
She is so cute! Here we also came to a good agreement, Mfashion also will carry Btssb now!
(At the moment  2011 we don't sell it any more)

The meeting was in the press room, after the meeting we filmed some shots
and a interview for the Dutch TV show RTL boulevard

And they insisted me on trying this outfit on. *cute*

A few pictures of the press room

I bought the black hat in the bottom right corner that day.

It was time to find a ATM again for some money.
After walking around for 30 minutes we finaly found one.
We had dinner in a fancy restaurant.
My boyfriend took a steak and Myra chickenwings and I took sushi,
It was very tasty, only a little too much for me!

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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