dinsdag 27 december 2005

First Japan trip Day 1 - Tokyo - 27-12-2005

Because of my shop www.mfashion.eu I decided to go to Japan with my boyfriend,
to visit some possible lolita brands for the shop.


We arrived around 9.15 in Tokyo Narita, from there we took the train to Nippori 
and the subway to Minamisenju, Tokyo.
It was very hard to get to the hostel with our luggages, 
I guess I'd brought too much gifts! 

Me and my boyfriend in the train. 
(I've had black year for several years)

On my way to find a ATM to get some money! Because I wanted to check Marui one out! 
(Gothic lolita department store)

It was very cute to see all those lolita shops together! 
And I was amazed about how some shops were decorated damn very good!! 
Only a pity all the shops were small and did not have a lot of stuff in stock.
I bought only two things. 
A lucky bag thing from Heart E which was very cheap 
and it had cute things in it and something else.

After this we went to take a look at closet child (second hand lolita store)
Here I bought a very cute black x white skirt with print and bustle from Victorian maiden.
We did not take pictures in these shops because it was not allowed.. 
The following days I have arranged to film/photo at some other shops.

We were very hungry so we walked a bit around...

we didn't knew it would be so busy at the subway in the evening, so strange! 

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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