donderdag 29 december 2005

First Japan trip Day 3 - Tokyo Harajuku gothic lolita - 29-12-2005

This day I am wearing my new Baby the stars shine bright hat and Heart E dress.

Finally a picture of me in my warm and nice Metamorphose coat!

Our groceries.

Today we went to a horse riding club in the park of the Meiji shrine..

Horse riding is very very expensive in Japan,
I think it is all 10 times more expensive then here, maybe more!
A lady showed us around in the stables, there were also European breed horses.
Later we went to the Shrine.

So pretty!

After this we headed for Harajuku, the shops!
The first shop we saw was a Snoopy shop!
Very weird! I bought some chopsticks there.

Crepe's are very popular in Japan, crepe with fruits, ice cream and whipped cream.
We also tried it, but it was not so special I didn't like the taste of the crepe.

When we walked further there was a shoe shop with all kind of lolita and punk shoes,
I bought here a cute pair of platform Mary Janes in Black with cute ribbons.
They were very cheap.
After this we went to Closet child, but I didn't saw anything I liked,
so I only bought the Gothic lolita bible magazine no. 19.
After this we went to Laforet, Milk, Metamorphose and Innocent World.
I bought some nice things.
At a other shop bought a cute hanger for my cellphone,
a Mini Mouse dressed in blackxwhite lolita! And a little jewel for my phone!

For dinner we went to eat Kebab and drunk some coffee at Starbucks.

When we were sitting outside it was fun to see all the people dressed different..
Cosplay, Gothic lolita, Ganguru and what's up with all those shorts that girls wear.
Also a lot of girls still have "naked" legs while it it really cold.
I would at least wear tights.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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