zaterdag 31 december 2005

First Japan trip Day 5 - Tokyo and Shinjuku - 31-12-2005

Today we had a sightseeing day!

First we went to Tokyo central station,
that was build on the hand of central station Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In the station there were a lot of shops and stands,
even this one with Hello Kitty food items.
The cat ear hat I am wearing is from Heart E.

Picture from the front of the station,
I'm not really sure if it really looks like the station in Amsterdam,
since the station is being renovated already for a few years.
(and it still is, 6 years further now)

After walking a bit around we went to Shinjuku to see the governments building.
A lot of high buildings are located there.

Nice decoration across the street of the building.

After this we went back to the station to the underground mall,
here we found a nice noodle restaurant.
The menu was unreadable,
but pointing in the showing window helped a lot with orderin.

In the front the food of my boyfriend and I had noodle soup with vegetables.
It was very tasty!

later we went to Kamiyacho, Tokyo Tower,
on our way to that there was a girl dressed up in Kimono,
I think it is very brave to walk on those shoes,
because the street was very steep there!

Of course the Tokyo tower had to be a little bit higher than the one in Paris.
Only 13 meters haha.. not much!

We went up to the main observatory,
here is a picture of the view, the view was very nice!

I think because it was new years eve it was very busy!

We went down one floor and had some coffee and a piece of chocolate cake very yummy!!
On a other floor we had some ice cream!!! Oh my I ate too much!

Now we went back to our hotel.

It is now 23:12 so it is here almost new year!!!!!
Happy New Year to everyone!!!
I'm going to finish my Vieux (Dutch alcoholic) x cola
and celebrate the new year with my boyfriend!

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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