vrijdag 30 december 2005

First Japan trip Day 4 - Tokyo Ueno - 30-12-2005

Today we decided just to go to Ueno and go to the park but
somehow we did not got further the a toy store..
It was huge! 6 floors.

I really bought too much here! Spend around 130 Euro.
Here are some things: Corps bride figure, Chi figure, Hello Kitty lolita phone strapp,
Minnie Mouse lolita dress dolls, Alice in wonderland key cord,
Charmmy kitty wallet and some more.
Here is a pictures of what my boyfriend bought,
my Chi is sitting on the table and those hello kitty cups are filled candy.

When we saw everything in the store we took the elevator down
and the elevator ended  up outside, very weird.

We ended up with a lot of yellow shopping bags.

We went looking for a place to eat,
after about 10 minutes we found a nice noodle restaurant the food was very nice!

After we finished the food we went back to the station
and went to Starbucks to get some good coffee!

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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