maandag 1 augustus 2011

Third Japan trip: Day 2: 20-03-2009

Today we woke up at 6, we just couldn't sleep any more.
After breakfast we went to Shinsaibashi to get some drinks at Starbucks.

After we waited for a bit for the shops to open we went to
Baby the stars shine bright and a second hand shop.

The second hand shop had loads of good lolita items! 
(located on 2f in this building, in the evening the white boards are purple)

I bought Baby the stars shine bright shoes, Angelic pretty socks and a Qutie Frash top.

After this we went to the Hello Kitty shop where I bought a new wallet,
I buy there every time that I am in Japan at least 1.
Also I bought rain boots, you don't have them like that in The Netherlands.

After this we went back to the hotel and we went to the Nipponbashi Cosplay parade.

After having no clue where it was, we found it and my boyfriend took some pictures.
There were so many scary guys cosplaying as girls.
Luckily there were also a lot of girls who looked great!
After a while we got tired and went back to the hotel and slept for 2 hours.


Then we went back to Shinsaibashi where we visited Innocent World and Atelier Pierrot.
OMG Atelier Pierrot has such pretty stuff, but so expensive, the staff there is great!

Also we went to Qutie Frash where I bought a skirt, corset and belt set.
Back home I already have a matching kimono top ^^ 

(you can see the skirt set in the picture, it is without the leg warmers)

In a book store I got 2 books, Gothic lolita bible and the new Alice a la mode.
And in a department store I got 3 tights from Vivienne Westwood and 1 from Burberry. 

We had dinner at the so called Italian place at the Big Step, the food is good there!!

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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