maandag 21 november 2011

01-11-2011 Kyoto Kiyomizudera temple

This day we went to the Kiyomizudera temple ""Pure Water Temple".
We went early in the morning, so it was very quiet at the temple area, 
this was very relaxing!

 We passed this bridge on the way to the temple.

Quiet street leading to the temple.

The famous water spot.

Me getting some water.

When we left to go back to the hotel, groups of school children started to arrive!
I think it now was almost 8:00 , so if you really want to be without these kids,
go to the temples before 8:00, make sure you check if the temple is open by that time.

Empty side street.

School buses and children.

We had dinner at Musashi sushi in Kyoto, kaiten sushi.
My friend told me the adress of this sushi place, 
because we really wanted to go to a Kaiten sushi, 
but we did not know where one was in Kyoto.

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