dinsdag 1 november 2011

24-10-2011 Universal studios Japan

This day we went to Universal studios in Osaka, Japan!

 It was so much fun!! 
It was not as crowded as Disneyland, so it was very relaxed to be there.
The maximum waiting time for all attractions was about 30 min.
Much better then the 2-3 hours in Disney.
I love how the Japanese theme parks pay attention to the details of the
park surroundings, so different for Holland.
You are truly in a different world in the Japanese parks.

I bought Hello Kitty ears, so cute!! haha!

25-10 is Hennie's birthday, so I think this was a very suited picture!!


Halloween Snoopy.

This was the first attraction we went to, Shrek 4D
It was amazing!!! 3D movie and the 4D meant that the chairs moved,
water bubbles were in the air and water sprayed around, also you could smell
the gingerbread house and chocolate!! I really loved it!
It was even better then the 3D Magic Lamp Theater in Disney Sea.


Deciding where to go next.

We also did the Jaws attraction, even tough we did not understood the 
lady in the boat telling a story, we still kind of knew what was going on.
It was nice, but not very exiting.
Just don't sit on the left because then you will get wet.

The waterworld show was pretty cool, lots of action and big bangs and fire!
Don't sit in the front because they will throw buckets of water in the audience.

The back to the future attraction was a simulation car in front of a big screen,
too bad the quality of the screen was not so good, so not very realistic
and it made me nauseous.

Sesame street having Halloween.

We also went to Backdraft, if you don't like fire don't go there.
In the beginning it all was very boring, because they only showed clips from the movie.
Then you got guided in another space and saw some more clips.
In the end you get in some kind of set and there will be a real fire show,
it got very hot, but it looked super cool!!
In the end there was a surprise.

For dinner we went to Shinsaibashi...

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  1. Ziet er leuk uit dat park! Erg jammer dat bij ons de pretparken niet zo eruit zien. En nog gefeliciteerd met Hennie, die foto is zeker gepast ervoor ^^
    Shrek 4D klinkt leuk, echt leuk dat je er ook dingen kan ruiken, dat maakt het dan net wat leuker.


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