dinsdag 8 november 2011

27-10-2011 travel from Osaka to Kyoto

This day we travelled from Osaka to our hotel in Kyoto.
So only pictures of food and the hotel room this time.
The trip was very smooth.

The lunch we had when we arrived in Kyoto,
in the hotel street there are a lot of restaurants.

Ground meat.

Fried chicken

The hotel is from the same chain as the one in Shinjuku.
It is super nice.



And for dinner we had sushi.

And we got this strange jelly tomato thing.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Kamer ziet er netjes uit ^^
    En was het lekker, die jelly tomato? Ziet er gek uit :p Maar het andere eten ziet er weer lekker uit, jammie!

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