woensdag 9 november 2011

28-10-2011 Kyoto Gion

This day we went in Kyoto to Gion, the Geisha district.

We saw some very pretty Maiko and Geisha's.
If you also are planning on going here, from around 17:00 
the Maiko's and Geisha's start working, 
so the change is big you will spot them.


Here is a short video of her.

I loved the small pony in this poster.

In a back street we saw this fat cat.

Also this cutie was in the backstreet.

Here is a Geisha (Geiko) walking by very fast.

The Maiko again.

You can see she is a Maiko because of the long fabric on her back.

A Geisha (Geiko) hiding underneath her umbrella.

All the old buildings look so pretty.

A picture with the Kamo Gawa river in the back.

Love the way you see the mountains in layers.

This building looks so strange.

Nice old street.

I got this souvenir, it is a good luck charm.

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  1. Wow, must have been wonderfull to go to the Geisha district ♥ It would be something I have to see, if I ever go to Japan ^^


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