zaterdag 19 november 2011

30-10-2011 Gion Corner

This day was my birthday and because of that we decided 
to go to Gion Corner in the evening to see a show.

But first we went to see the Byodion temple.
It was raining all day so that was a bit sad.

At the temple we met these girls, so pretty!

The buddha inside the temple.

So at the start of the show at Gion corner they asked if two persons wanted
to participate in the tea ceremony, I got picked and a lady from France was picked.

The little rice cake was sweet and the tea a bit bitter, very nice together.

This was the Gagaku court music dance performance.

Kyogen theatre play.

Maiko dance.

I really enjoyed the whole show.

Here is a video of some parts of the show.

Here are some pictures of the dark wet street in Gion.



When we got back at our hotel, this nice birthday card and candy was waiting for me.

When we were in Kyoto I got these Matcha (green tea) products.
Powder to make drinks, like Matcha latte!
Candy and Mochi.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice to see the performance ♥ Loved the Maiko dance ^^

  2. who the puppet show! that was amazing! wish I was there;) Do you have more on film from that show? I would love to see the rest. The card is sweet 2 ^^

  3. :D yeah it was very realistic! hmz, not much more.. this was almost the end of the show ;)


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