zondag 1 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 6 Tokyo Harajuku luckybags sale - 1-1-2006

Today we went again to Harajuku because I wanted
a lucky bag from Angelic pretty and Putumayo.
Never could I have imagined that it would be such a big deal!
When we arrived at Harajuku all the streets were locked off for the cars,
and everywhere you saw lines with people waiting outside,
with most of them I had no idea for which shop they were waiting.
This was the strangest thing I ever saw!
When we walked further to Laforet there was in a big street next to it also a very long line,
and yes it was for Laforet, the opening time was 11:00 but some were already waiting
for 11 hours :s I would never do that for clothings!

notice my hat on the bottom left.

My boyfriend.


We decided to join the line since I still wanted the lucky bags.
When we joined the line we got some kind of hot bag thingy!
It took about 15 minutes before we could enter the store, I think that was very quick,
everything was coordinated very well by the staff members of Laforet.

It was very crowed in Laforet. We went a few stairs down and reached Angelic Pretty,
everyone was pushing and trying to get trough, when we finally got closer,
the shop girl said the bags were sold out, but when I walked a bit away,
my boyfriend managed to get a bag that came out of nowhere.. YEAH!
It was the second last one! A other boy had the last bag for his girlfriend.

After this I went to Putumayo, at first sight it didn't look very crowded
but when I watched closer the line was some were else, it was in a staircase.
Sso I went to there.. going up.. and up and more up.. Damn.. At the top the line ended.
There was a nice girl who spoke a bit English.
After waiting for about 20 minutes we were picked up and taken to the Putumayo shop,
there we could pick a lucky box and enter the line for the counter,
I also took 2 little accessory bags :)
My boyfriend took a picture while it was not allowed,
a lady from the shop saw it and stopped him, he also filmed a little bit.


Finally it was over, we've been in Laforet for about 1 hour,
we went outside to take a seat and examine the bags.

What was in the bags, you see a bit later down here-->
I wanted to know where exactly the Btssb Daikanyama store
was located so we went to there but unfortunately the shop was closed.

Very nice building!

After this we went back, we passed the Ebisu station where we ate a burger at Wendy's.

Well what was in my lucky bags.
Angelic Pretty a full Black x white outfit.
For Putumayo It was a full red x black outfit.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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