woensdag 4 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 9 - Osaka Shinsaibashi Okonomiyaki - 4-01-2006

Today was the day that we left Tokyo for Osaka.
Yesterday evening we had a hard time packing, I've bought too much.
First we went to the ATM that was open again today.
After that we went with all our luggage to the bus stop and took the bus to Tokyo station.

From Tokyo station we took the Shinkansen train to Shin-Osaka, it took about 3 hours.

I was kind of hungry so we ordered something in the train.
Bento box, I did not like everything.

Mount Fuji.

Snow, I think it was very local.

Finally we arrived at the station in Shin-Osaka,
now I needed to figure out how the ticket machines worked,
they were different then the ones in Tokyo.

Besides our heavy luggage it was very easy to go to the new hotel,
very close to 2 subway entrances.
Our room here is very good!!!! and spacey!

This evening I met up with Jessica and went to Shinsaibashi.
She showed us around in American town where a lot of gothic lolita brands are located.

Baby the stars shine bright store, that was kind of hidden.

After that we went to a place that Jessica recommended I took Okonomiyaki, very good.

Next time when we are in this area we'll eat here again!
It was owned by a men "mister Osaka" and his son, who is the cook.

Sign at the entrance.

After this we went to the Vivienne westwood shop, because I was very curios about it.
But it really was nothing really special,
I only liked some of the jewellery and the rocking horse shoes
But damn why must it be that expensive?
Across it was Starbucks, here we had some nice "coffee" and talked a lot.

Jessica and me

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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