maandag 2 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 7 - Tokyo Shinjuku shopping - 2-1-2006

Today it was raining so we kind of changed our plans.
First we just spend some time on the internet.
And then it came to my mind that I totally forgot to visit the Dollfie store in Shinjuku!
So we went to Shinjuku, the Dollfie store was in Studio Alta.
Wow! All kind of pretty dolls!

After this we went again to to Marui one.
There was a shoe shop were I saw very cool shoes! I had to have them! 
(shoes pics follow a bit down)
But all the ATM’s were closed ( !@#$%^*!) So I had no money, 
luckily my boyfriend had a creditcard, so he could pay the shoes for me.

Outside picture, it was very crowded on the streets.

We were hungry so went looking for a place to eat,
we didn't want any noodles so we went to the mc Donalds.
I took a happy meal and got a little pokemon figure.

New shoes.

After finishing the food and eaten a ice cream I put the shoes on and we went back to the station.
We passed a electronics store and went in it.
My boyfriend bought something for his photocamera, 
and I bought phone stickers to decorate my phone.
The result you can see on the bottom.

Also we went to Starbucks.

In the station we saw two cute lolita girls.

Waiting for the train....

At the hostel::
Heart E dress , Angelic Pretty socks and my new shoes!


And here is a picture of the way my mobile phone look now! with a lot of strapps.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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