zondag 8 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 13 - Osaka Den den town 8-01-2006

The last day in Japan.

Today we've spend the day with The Osaka Koneko"  and her boyfriend.
They showed us around in Den-Den-town, this time we did not get lost.
I bought two Chobits figures (Chii & Yuzuki) they were very hard to find 
since Chobits is kind of old and not popular any more, but I still love the little figures! 
We also went to a store were they had the dolls omg! So expensive.
We also visited some Gothic Lolita shops,
I bought some Angelic Pretty sock that match my Putumayo outfit!

We went eating at a noodle place, it was very good.
And of course for desert we went to Starbucks, I had a Marshmallow mokka.
After this we went back to the station and said goodbye.

In the hotel my boyfriend packed his suitcase and also mine,
since I am terrible putting things good in it.
He had a hard time closing my suitcase, I've bought too much stuff.

Yesterday I forgot to say that I bought from my friend a Moi-meme-moitie pannier,
very very poofy!

Random cute video I found on Youtube because there are no pictures in this post.

Next up is our 2007 trip.

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