donderdag 5 januari 2006

First Japan trip: Osaka - Shinsaibashi - Day 10: 5-01-2006

Today I had a business meeting with Victorian Maiden.
Kimika from Victorian Maiden who can speak good English picked me up
at Osaka business park station, funny a English station name.
(At the moment we don't sell this brand any more, because the sizes were too small) 

First we went to the office, there the trade advisor from Osaka joined us,
a very nice man, who spoke a bit English.
We've discussed the business, the main thing is that we now really
can expect the first order around the end of January.
The conversation was very relaxed, it went about almost everything..
After this we went to the shop that was in the same building only a few floors down,
the shop was as little as mine, it was very antique like decorated! I like that a lot!
I could see all the clothings, and I also tried some things on,
I was kind of amazed that I fit in some things.
On the hand of that I order some items.
It was very nice to know the real sizes.
Also I bought a pair of gloves, brown leather ones with rabbit fur, very very soft!
I keep those for my self because it is cold in Japan right now.
I also asked them why they use foreign looking girls in their advertisement.
But they didn't had a real answer to it, mainly it comes to like it is their image.
I think those girls must be very skinny.
But now they saw me and I told I am like average size in Holland,
only I am a bit shorter, they are going to examine if they can make clothing that we would fit .
( in the end they changed nothing in their sizes)
I've spend around the 3 hours there.
After this, I said goodbye to Kimika and the man escorted me back to the station
where my hotel is, he had to go one station further. Such lovely people.
I was back in the hotel around 17.30 where my boyfriend still was,
he had spend the day exploring the neighbourhood and surfing the internet.
Together we went again to Shinsaibashi first to the Sanrio gallery shop,
but I didn't saw something that I really wanted.

Oh my, she is bigger then me.

after that we went back again to the little dining place like yesterday, I took the same.
On the picture it looks kind of weird.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

After this we also went to the Starbucks, I got something with marshmallows and caraml.
When we went to the station we passed a book shop,
there I bought another Gothic lolita bible 19 and also I bought this book:

At Victorian Maiden they had also that book, and after I saw it I really wanted it.

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