vrijdag 6 januari 2006

First Japan trip Day 11 Osaka Den den town Metamorphose lolita 6-01-2006

Today I had the business meeting with Metamorphose.

I first looked around in the shop, a very small but cute shop.
I asked the girl in the shop if she could call to the office and tell Aya that I am in the shop,
she did that and Aya picked me up in the shop.
At the office I had a meeting with the owner and the designer of Meta, Aya translated everything.
I think this meeting was a very good thing,
because now the owner really knows everything about our shop
and probably he's going to make sure that I stay the only shop that carry Meta in Holland.
I gave them some gifts, after that the owner had to leave.
It was okay to film today in the shop for the TV show,
and also to interview the designer,
I wrote all the questions down in English and Aya translated it into Japanese.
I e-mailed my boyfriend that he had to come to the Starbucks
nearby where Aya and I would pick him up, so later he can film.
We did the interview and after that we went to the Meta shop and filmed there.
I saw a long skirt that I really liked, a red one and it was on sale,
I asked Aya if she could send that one with my next order for the shop,
since my suitcase is already too full!
Again we went back to the office where the designer had a surprise for me,
she had a gift, a box full of meta goodies. I am so happy with it.

On the table you can see the bag with the present box, I am already wearing a brought from it.
Picture with also the other staff and Aya and the designer, the girl with the hat looks so cute.

When we were leaving the designer also let me choice out a umbrella from the biscuit series,
I chose the red one.
Hennie wanted to go to Den-Den-Town so we tried to find it,
on our way we passed a 100 yen store where I bought some candy, and a Miffy (Nijntje) hairbrush.

We ate at Wendy's

At the end we didn't find Den-Den-town, so we just took the subway back to the hotel.
We were tired.
Sunday we give it another try, when Hennie looked on the map in the hotel he saw
that we were very near Den-Den-town, well next time we'll find it!!!

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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