zondag 16 oktober 2011

14/15-10-2011 Amsterdam to Tokyo

Here is my first blog entry, after settling for a few days I now feel not so tired,
so I can write in my blog.

14-10 we left from Amsterdam to Tokyo!
The day before when we wanted to check-in online,
we found out my boyfriend was put on stand-by.
So we called KLM and luckily the fixed it.

The trip from Amsterdam to Tokyo was very smooth.

 At Amsterdam Schiphol airport with Nijntje/Miffy

Our plane

I ordered vegetarian food, because I got sick a few times before from the food.
This was the dinner, it was very good. 

And this was breakfast, I did not like it at all, too spicy.
So I only ate a bit of the rice, the bread and fruit.

When we arrived at Tokyo Narita airport, these guys were waiting for their passengers.

 We took the Airport Limousine Bus to Shinjuku station.
It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

I love this drink, it is not as sweet as the ice tea in Holland.

At Shinjuku station we took a local bus to our Apartment.
The apartment is great! Not too small and we have a kitchen!
For dinner we had sushi.

And these are the items I bought that day.
I love Shiseido shampoo!

My boyfriend and I also did purikura!

This same evening we went to a pre-Halloween party at Tokyo Dark Castle.
You can find the blog about this in my fashion blog.

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