donderdag 6 oktober 2011

Third Japan trip: Day 21 + 22: 10+11-04-2009

These were the last two days in Japan for this trip.

This day we met up with Tocco in Daikanyama, later on also her BF met up with us for lunch.
It was a lot of fun and Tocco's bf and Hennie found out they have a lot in common, like taste for music.

Sorry no pictures of him for his privacy.

My lunch and Coffee and the coffee for Hennie.



In the evening we took our last sushi in Tokyo!!!

Somehow I managed to get my suitcase packed and not be overweight.
It is good I send of 3 boxes with the post, 2 with shoes and 1 with the box of my doll stuffed 

with fake eye lashes.
*I already got 2 back home, but 1 got stuck in customs*

So the day afther we left at 7 with the bus to the airport.
We bought a bottle of prum wine to take back home.
The flight back took 11,5 hours somehow my legs didn't hurt so much as on the way to Japan.
Back in NL Hennie was checked my customs, he had to open his suitcase.

A woman asked him:
* where did you came from
H. Japan
* Did you bought any clothings in Japan
me. Laughs very hard
* (customs woman looks with a strage face)
H. ever been to Japan?
* No
H. I could never fit in the clothings, Japanese sizes are too small
* oh.. how about shoes
H. Laughs... Also too small...

LOL that woman really came out an egg or somethings, so dumb!

Afther the woman was finished looking in his suitcase we could go again.

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