woensdag 19 oktober 2011

16-10-2011 Harajuku

Sorry for the blog delay, but I have been super tired every evening.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

So this day after sleeping in we went to Harajuku.
I think I saw around 10 lolita's that day.
But had no chance to take a picture.

We took lunch at a café at Takeshita dori.

It was very good!

 After lunch we took a walk around Harajuku.
We also went to the Softbank store, because I had to recharge my Japanese phone.

The infamous Kebab store in Harajuku, last year we ate there, it was pretty good.

Takoyaki shop in a side street of Takeshite dori, too bad I was not hungry at that time.

When we took a little time to sit down in a back street of Harajuku, 
this girl was doing her make-up.

Me looking over Harajuku.

Our dinner, it was super good!

Back in Shinjuku.

 Signing of with a crazy picture, I got this Hello Kitty Halloween glasses at Laforet,
they have a special collaboration with several brands right now.

I got the pink ring, it is by Angelic Pretty.

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