woensdag 26 oktober 2011

20-10-2011 Shibuya

This day we went to Shibuya, to visit the store of a friends friend 
and also to meet up with another friend.

We have a bus stop almost right in front of our hotel. 

For some days I've been looking for soy milk, but since I cannot read the labels
it is so hard to find, also because when you ask for soy milk, they don't understand
what you want :s So now I have this picture with me on my phone and just show
it at the store so they can point out what they have.
Since they most of the times never carry the same brand at all the different stores.

Again sushi for lunch!

So I went to this shop, if you want to know more about it and see a video 
about this shop and also footage made in Shibuya, please check out my fashion blog:

When we were waiting for my friend to meet up, we took some pictures.


Picture of the inside of the restaurant we went.

 I had some tomato soup.

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