zondag 23 oktober 2011

19-10-2011 Kappabashi, Ueno, Alice café

So this day it got a bit colder in Japan and you could see the fashion changing right away.

Today we went to Kappabashi, known for it's fake food displays.
We had lunch in Ueno and dinner at Shinjuku's new Alice Café.

On our way we made a stop at the second hand lolita clothings shop Closet Child.
(red sign)

Going to Kappabashi

In the distance you could see the new Tokyo Tower.

Kappabashi street.

All fake, but still it looks so tasty!

I got this Dango phone charm.

Our lunch, Noodles and Gyoza.

Here are the pictures of the Alice Café, it all was so pretty and the food was good.

The menu.

Caterpillar Dessert.

Next pictures are by Hennie Ummels.

The entrance.

The menu was so cute!

Also all the staff was cute and dressed in Alice outfits.

I took the Pizza, it was in the shape of the cats tail.

Another picture of my dessert, but the hat fell down.

The desert of my friends

Hennie´s dessert.

Together with my friends in front of the giant heart lamp.
When we were about to leave the manager showed us the private rooms,
so pretty!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh you seem like you're having a blast! I really like how that café looks, i shall try it out in the future. ^_^;
    Its really lame that i never get to go when people I know are there, hanging out would be kickass.

  2. :D yes it is super fun! ^^ I love the whole atmosphere there! Yeah that is so sad!! I wish I could meet more friends I know from online ^^


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