zaterdag 10 september 2011

Third Japan trip: day 12: 01-04-2009

Today I did not do so much that I can show you..
I had a meetup with Angelic pretty and Maxicimam.
Angelic pretty send a staff member who spoke a bit English,
but luckily we could understand each other.
The meeting with Maxicimam was with the boss and this was the same, also a bit English.

So we went to closetchild in Harajuku to buy a bag
I already was eyeing, one from Baby the stars shine bright.

After this we went to the Shinjuku Closetchild but I have to say the one in
Harajuku has the most good stuff,
especially if you are looking for items from Angelic pretty!
I only bought a crown comb from Baby the stars shine bright there, I love it!

Also we went to Marui one and there I got sock for a friend.
It is so sad that moi meme moitie's own shop is gone,
they now only have little stock in the Kera shop.

In the evening Hennie and I ate sushi.

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