vrijdag 2 september 2011

Third Japan trip: Day: 9: 27-03-2009

This day I had a meeting around noon with Metamorphose
and in the evening with Innocent World.
Sorry no pictures of that.

at 12:00 I met at the Osaka Meta shop the designer and English translator girl,
This is the 2nd time I met them.
This time they wanted to go for lunch with me, we ate this:

Okonomiyaki, fried noodles


It was here:


It was good!
We talked so much!
After the lunch we went to shop a bit around in Shinsaibashi

Later I had to say goodbye and then I went back to the hotel,
changed clothings into a Innocent World dress and I went to Innocent World.
At the subway station I met up with Xelyna because she translated for me *Thank you so much*

We met up with the designer and web designer, both very nice people.
She wanted to know a lot about the foreign market and they are thinking of translating
the website also to English.

After the meetup we went back to Shinsaibashi, where I bought a hard case hello kitty suitcase.

We went to eat at a very noisy place where everything incl. drinks costed around 280yen.
We had a lot of fun and the food was good! Also the drinks, so we drunk a lot, I really like Plum wine!!!


After dinner we went to a tiny gothic lolita bar and drunk some more,
it was a nice place to see and the bar girl looked nice!
When it was 11:30 we went back to our hotel because the doors close at 12.

I am going to miss you Xelyna!!!!!

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