woensdag 28 september 2011

Third Japan trip: Day 19: 08-04-2009

Today we woke up around 1 so we went a bit late to Harajuku to Film,
so almost no pictures this time.

It was again crazy crowded.

I was wearing my Alice and the pirates outfit and when I was filming lolita's on Harajuku bridge
who got photographed by a lot of people,
I soon also was photographed a lot, crazy!
Also people who wanted to take their pictures with me.

When we wanted to go back to the hotel the train station
was crazy full of people and there was no moving in it.
so we decided to walk back, I think it took around 30 minutes.
Not too bad.

Only 2 pictures.
Cute shop we came across.

The crowd at the train station, they were all waiting outside in lines to get in.. but inside it was also full!!

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