dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Second Japan trip: Day 12: 17-09-2007

Today I went to Marui one young, Closet Child (second hand lolita store) , Innocent world..
Bought again some stuff.
A pretty corset at Exentrique,
new shoes from Emily temple cute at Closet Child, they are red and very comfy!
Some very small hair ribbons at Baby the stars shine bright.

ps. Almost on my spending limit.

Stock pictures of what I have bought until now:

I won't place all the brand less items and jewellery here.
I bought so many random cute stuff and Hello kitty stuff, it is too much.

Some of the brands:

- Vivienne westwood
- Harajuku shoes
- Emily temple cute
- Angelic pretty
- Excentrique
- Moi-Meme-Moitie
- Putumayo
- Meta
- VM
- Baby the stars shine bright
- Maxicimam
- H naoto
- Innocent World

- Vivienne westwood (pics missing)
high socks x 2
tights x 3
hankerchief x 2

- Harajuku black shoes maryjanes (pic missing)

- Emily temple cute red shoes (pic missing)

- Angelic pretty


white blouse (pic missing)
Church gate print skirt (short version) (pic borrowed)

Crown top (pic missing)
Red crown tie (pic missing)
2 rings (pics missing)
wristband (pics missing)


mine has only white dots not the white banner

Victorian Maiden:

Baby the stars shine bright

Picture of a other shirt I own is not online..

H Naoto:

Innocent World (got this mostly with the value of my point card)

1 official picture is missing, the one of the plastic see trough rain umbrella.






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