donderdag 7 juli 2011

Second Japan trip: Day 8: 13-07-2007

This day I had two business meetings, one with Victorian Maiden and the other with Innocent World.
(At the moment we don't sell Victorian Maiden any more because the sizes are too small)

This was my outfit, sweet lolita.

Checking email and websites on Hennie's laptop.

The meetup with Victorian Maiden was a very relaxed one,
the woman who met me spoke a bit English and tended to talk
more about all kind of stuff that was not business related haha!
I also met one of the designers,
I told her that European girls need a bit bigger size and that shirring is very good.
She was so nice and cute! And I think also very youngh to be a designer.
I have for every business meetup a can with Stroopwafels, Dutch cookies.
I also went to the showroom and looked around there.

After this I went with The Osaka Koneko as my translator to Innocent World,
luckily she was with me, otherwise I would not know what to do, they had soo many questions!
The meet was with two of the designers and one of them is also the starter of the brand.
But it went well, didn't got a 100% yes, but they get back to me on email with terms and stuff.
(In the end we got the brand)
After this we went to the Innocent world shop where I bought myself two dresses and matching socks
and I bought there two dresses for my friend Sandra and also matching socks for her,
so she can wear it the sunday in Tokyo that we go to Harajuku.

Pictures by: Hennie Ummels

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