zondag 24 juli 2011

Second Japan trip: Day 19-20-21 24-25-26-09-2007

For these days I don't really have pictures, so I put it all together.

24-09-2007, this day I had 2 business meetings, Aya went with me to translate.
It went well, I already have a yes from Maxicimam!
In the evening we did purikura.
It was hard so say goodbye, why is Japan so far away?

25-09-2007, the day I said goodbye to Harajuku.
I went to Closet Child, where I bought a small item,
bought too much at swimmer and went to claire's
where I bought also some stuff and we just walked around for a bit.
We had for lunch dunner kebab and had some Starbucks to drink.

Wow my legs are so pale! (Takuya angel t-shirt)(Vivienne Westwood socks)

I was lucky that we could close both our suitcases haha! So much stuff!!

the travelling home day.
We took a cab to the airport at 6.30, expensive but very comfortable!
Luckily the way back I didn't got sick, so we had a good trip home!

Picture by: Hennie Ummels

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